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Clairvoyant Trade


----------MOVIE MANIA!----------
----------TV TIME!----------




  • Amazing Stories (Season 2, Complete)
  • Amazing Stories: The Movie
  • Amazing Stories: Book III
  • Amazing Stories: The Movie III
  • Ashes To Ashes (TV Series, Complete)

      SECTION B:


      • Babylon 5
        • Babylon 5 (Complete Series, Includes Episode Commentaries and Bonus Features.)
        • "The Guide to Babylon 5" (TNT Special)
          • Babylon 5: "Chrysalis" Alternate Version (Original PTEN broadcast with unfinished scene. - When Londo enters the garden maze, you see the stage wall and a quite unfuturistic looking door with an "exit" sign instead of the CGI background meant to be there. - RARE! )
        • Babylon 5: A Call To Arms (Made-For-TV Movie, Crusade Series Pilot, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Babylon 5: In The Beginning (Made-For-TV Movie, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers (Made-For-TV Movie, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Babylon 5: River of Souls (Made-For-TV Movie, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Babylon 5: The Gathering (Made-For-TV Movie - Series Pilot, Original PTEN Version - Rare!)
        • Babylon 5: The Gathering (Made-For-TV Movie - Series Pilot, TNT Special Edition, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (Anthology, Includes Interviews, Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs Memorials, and The Straczynski Diaries)
        • Babylon 5: Thirdspace (Made-For-TV Movie, Includes Introduction and Commentary)
        • Crusade (Complete Series - Includes Episode Commentaries, Bonus Features, And Most TNT "Next Episode" Previews)
      • Back to the Future: The Ride
      • Battlestar Galactica (2003 Mini-Series)
      • Battlestar Galactica (2000’s Series, Seasons 1-2, Complete)
      • Biography: "Gene Roddenberry: Star Trek and Beyond"
      • Biography: "William Shatner: A Captain's Log
      • Bionic Everafter (Made-For-TV-Movie)
      • Bionic Showdown (Made-For-TV-Movie)
      • Bionic Woman (1970's TV Series, Complete, Including Reunion Movies "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman", "Bionic Showdown", and "Bionic Everafter".)
        • Bionic Woman: "Road to Nashville" (Episode of the 1970's TV Series With Commercials Recorded 10/20/1976.)
      • Burkittsville 7, The (Faux Blair Witch Documentary)


        SECTION C:

        • Crime Traveller (BBC TV Series, Complete)
        • Cupid (1998) (TV Series, Complete, Including Unaired Episode)
        • Curse of the Blair Witch (Faux Blair Witch Documentary)

        SECTION D:

        Deadly Games

        • Daybreak (TV Series, Complete Including Unaired Pilot)
        • Deadly Games (TV Series, every episode except “The ex-girlfriend” which never aired. Episode “Dr. Kramer” is missing last 5 minutes.)
        • Doorways (Pilot of a Geroge R.R. Martin {A Song of Ice and Fire} Series)  
        • Do Over (TV Series, Complete, Including unaired episodes and unaired pilot.)


        SECTION E:

        • Earth 2 (TV Series, Complete)



        SECTION F:

        • Fantasy Island (1998 TV Series, Complete)

                 (1981 Animated Special With Commercials -
                  Based on Brian Froud's Book.)
        • Firefly (TV Series, Complete, Includes Deleted Scenes and Bonus Features.)
          • Serenity (Feature Film, Includes Deleted Scenes and Bonus Features.)
        • Freddy Vs. Ghostbusters (Fan Made Film)

        SECTION G:

        • Genesis II (1973 Made-For-TV-Movie)
        • Gnomes (Animated Special, Versions With and Without Commercials)
        • Gobots: Battle of the Rocklords (Feature Film)
        • Gulliver’s Travels (1996 Ted Danson Mini-Series)


        SECTION H:

        • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1980's Animated TV Series, Complete)
        • He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special (Animated Christmas Special)
        • He-Man/She-Ra Movie: “Secret of the Sword” (Animated Movie)
        • Heroes (Season 1, Complete)
        • Hobbit, The (Animated Movie, Rankin Bass)


        SECTION I:


        SECTION J:

        • Journey Back to Oz (1974 Animated Movie, TV Version with Commercials and Bill Cosby Live-Action Sequences)
        • Journeyman (TV Series, Complete)


        SECTION K:

        • Knight Rider 2000 (Made-For-TV Movie.)


        SECTION L:

        • Land of the Lost (TV Series, 1 Episode With Commercials)
          • "Nice Day" (recorded 11-2-85)
        • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The (Feature Film)
        • Life On Mars - U.K. Version (TV Series, Complete)
        • Life On Mars - U.S. Version (TV Series, Complete)
        • Logan's Run (1976 Feature Fim, Includes Commentary and "Making of" Featurette)
        • Logan's Run (TV Series, Complete)
        • Lord of the Rings (1978 Animated Movie)
        • Lord of the Rings (Feature Films, Includes Extended and Theatrical Versions, Commentaries, Documenataries, and Other Bonus Features)
        • Love Bug, The
          • Herbie The Love Bug (TV Series, Complete)
          • The Love Bug (1969 Feature Film, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
          • The Love Bug (1998 Made-For-TV-Movie)
          • Herbie Rides Again (Feature Film, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
          • Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo (Feature Film, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
          • Herbie Goes Bananas (Feature Film, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
          • Herbie: Fully Loaded (Feature Film, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)


        Mann & Machine

        SECTION M:

        • Mann and Machine (TV Series, Complete)
        • Mighty Orbots (Animated TV Series, Complete)
        • Mists of Avalon, The (TV Mini-Series, Includes Additional Scenes)


        SECTION N:

        • Nowhere Man (TV Series, Complete)

        SECTION O:

        SECTION P:

        • Pretender, The (Complete Series including Profiler Crossovers)
        • Pretender Island of the Haunted, The (TV Movie)
        • Pretender 2001, The (TV Movie)


        SECTION Q:

        • Quantum Leap (Complete Series. Recorded from network airings with original soundtracks. Also includes alternate ending to final episode.)

        SECTION R:

        • Real Story: To the Galaxy and Beyond, The (A&E Special Hosted by Mark Hamil)
        • Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman (Made-For-TV-Movie)
        • Return of the King, The (1980 Rankin/Bass Animated Movie)
        • Robocop (Feature Film)
        • Robocop 2 (Feature Film)
        • Robocop 3 (Feature Film)
        • Robocop (1994 Live-Action TV Series, Complete)
        • Robocop (Animated TV Series, Complete) 
        • Robocop: Prime Directives – Crash and Burn
        • Robocop: Prime Directives – Dark Justice
        • Robocop: Prime Directives – Meltdown
        • Robocop: Prime Directives – Resurrection


        • Robotech/Macross
          • Robotech (Anime Series, Complete, Protoculture Collection - Includes All Commentaries and Bonus Features)
          • Robotech II: The Sentinals (Included in Protoculture Collection.)
          • Codename: Robotech (Pilot That Preceded The Original 1985 Series. Included in Protocultire Collection.)
          • Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
          • Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Anime Series, Complete, English Dub, Includes Commentaries and Extras)
          • Super Spacefortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?" (RARE!!!) (Feature Film, Toho Dub - English Voices - Japanese Subtitles, Unedited!)


        SECTION S:

        • Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown (Museum of Radio and Television Special, Hosted by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Dean Cain, and Carrie Fisher)
        • Seaquest DSV/2032 (TV Series, Complete)
        • Seven Days (TV Series , Complete - Most episodes including the pilot were recorded from original UPN broadcasts, a few episodes were recorded from Spike.)
        • Shadow of the Blair Witch (Faux Blair Witch Documentary)
        • Shining, The (1997 TV Mini-Series)
        • Six Million Dollar Man, The (1970's TV Series, Complete, Including Reunion Movies "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman", "Bionic Showdown", and "Bionic Everafter".)
        • Sliders (TV Series)
        • Space Rangers (TV Series, Complete)
        • Stand, The (TV Mini-Series)
        • Stargate (1994 Feature Film)
        • Stargate: Sg-1 (TV Series, Seasons 1-7, Complete. Seasons 1-5 recorded from Showtime. Also includes featurette: "The Stargate Saga".)
        • Starman (1984 Feature Film)
        • Starman (TV Series, Complete)

        Star Trek

        • Star Trek (The Complete Original Series, Original Version, Recorded From Sci-Fi Channel's 1998 Uncut Airings Hosted By William Shatner.)
        • Star Trek (The Complete Original Series, Remastered Version)
        • Star Trek: "Space Seed" (1968 Episode recorded with original commercials.)
        • Star Trek: "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" (1969 Episode recorded with original commercials)
        • "The Cage" (Special Edition with introduction by Gene Roddenberry and restored scenes, restored scenes are B&W but the rest is in color.)
        • Star Trek: The Animated Series (Complete Series, Includes Text And Audio Commentaries, Also Includes Futurama Episode: "Where No Fan Has Gone Before")
        • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director's Edition, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
        • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (Director's Cut, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
        • Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
        • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
        • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
        • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
        • Star Trek: Generations
        • Star Trek: First Contact
        • Star Trek: Insurrection
        • Star Trek: Nemesis
        • Star Trek (2009 Reboot Feature Film)
        • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Complete Series)
        • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Complete Series)
        • Star Trek: Voyager (Complete Series)
        • Star Trek: Enterprise (Complete Series, Includes Deleted Scenes and Bonus Features)
        • Free Enterprise (Movie, Includes Commentary and Bonus Features)
        • Trekkies (Movie)
        • Star Trek: A Captain’s Log (TV Special)
        • Star Trek Comedy Disc (Also includes episode of "Cybil": "Starting on the Wrong Foot" - Jonathan Frakes Guest Stars)
        • Star Trek: Return of the Next Generation (Sci-Fi Channel Special)
        • Star Trek: Voyager: Inside the New Adventure (TV Special)
        • Star Trek’s 25th Anniversary Special (Hosted by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy)
        • Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond (TV Special)
        • Star Trek: The Borg (Footage from a video game edited into a movie.)
        • Biography: "Gene Roddenberry: Star Trek and Beyond"
        • Biography: "William Shatner: A Captain's Log"
        • History Channel's William Shatner (History Channel Biography)
        • How William Shatner Changed the World (History Channel Documentary)
        • Journey's End - The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Special)
        • Launch of Star Trek: Voyager (Sci-Fi Channel Special)
        • Making of Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribbleations (Sci-Fi Channel Special)
        • The New Explorers: The Science of Star Trek (PBS Special)
        • The 25 Year Mission: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Live (Shatner and Nimoy Live Appearance)
        • Nine to 5 (Fan Made Play from 1994 Parodying Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Seaquest DSV)
        • Paramount 20's Salute to Star Trek: The Next Generation (Local Network - Channel 20, WDCA, Washinton D.C. - TV Special)
        • Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments (TV Special)
        • Star Trek Fan Films:
          • Star Trek vs. Batman
          • Star Trek: Hidden Frontier  #1/04 "Two Hours" 
          • Star Trek: Hidden Frontier  #2/02 "Yesterday's Excelsior" 
          • Star Trek: Hidden Frontier  #3/08 "Voyage of the Defiant"     
          • Star Trek: New Voyages: #4/01 "In Harm's Way" 
          • Star Trek: New Voyages: #4/03 "The World Enough and Time"
          • Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
          • Starship Farragut: #2 "For Want of a Nail"

        Star Wars

        • Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace
        • Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones
        • Star Wars – Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
        • Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Version)
        • Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope (Special Edition)
        • Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (Original Version)
        • Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (Special Edition)
        • Star Wars – Episode VI:Return of the Jedi (Original Version)
        • Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Special Edition)
        • Star Wars: Clone Wars (2004-05 Animated TV Series, Complete)
        • Star Wars: Droids (Aniamted TV Series, Complete)
        • Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (History Channel Documentary)
        • Star Wars Holiday Special (Recorded 11-17-78 With Commercials)
        • Star Wars: Ewok Adventures
          • Caravan of Courage (Version Without Commercials and 1984 Made-For-TV-Movie Version With Commercials)
          • The Battle For Endor
        • Exposure: The Unofficial Star Wars Edition (Sci-Fi Channel Special Hosted by Kevin Smith, Featuring “George Lucas in Love”)
        • Steel Justice (1992 Made-For-TV-Movie)
        • Super Force (Selected Episodes From the TV Series)
          • “A Hero’s Welcome” Parts 1 & 2 and “Too Late the Hero” Parts 1 & 2 (Edited Together as One Movie)
          • “Gravity’s Rainbow” Parts 1 & 2


        SECTION T:

        • 12:01pm (Made for Showtime short film)
        • 12:01 (Groundhog Day type made-for-TV-movie starring Jonathan Silverman and Helen Slater)
        • Tek-War (The Original TV Movie)
        • Tek-War: TekLords
        • Tek-War: TekLab
        • Tek-War: TekJustice
        • That Was Then (Only 2 Episodes of the Series That Aired)
        • Timecop (TV Series, Complete)
        • Time Trax (TV Series, Complete)
        • Tommyknockers, The (TV Mini-Series)
        • Transformers, The ( 1980’s Animated Series, Complete except for the following episodes:)
          • “Quest for Survival”
          • “The Girl Who Loved Powergilde”
          • “Triple Take-Over”
          • “Sea Change”
          • “Hoist Goes Hollywood”
          • “Chaos”
          • “Starscream’s Ghost”
          • “Thief in the Night”
          • “Surprise Party”
        • Transformers: The Movie (1986 Aniamted Film)
        • Transformers: “Scramble City” (Rare episode that only aired in Japan bridging the gap between Season 2 and The Movie, No sound except for commentary.)
        • Transformers (2007 Feature Film)
        • Tremor: The Series (TV Series, Complete)
        • TV Guide Looks At…Science Fiction (TV Special)
        • Twilight Zone: The 80's Series, The (TV Series, Complete, Includes All CBS And Syndicated Episodes)


        SECTION U:

        SECTION V:

        • Van Helsing (Feature Film)
        • V For Vendetta (Feature Film)
        • V: The Original
        • V: The Final Battle, Part 1
        • V: The Final Battle, Part 2
        • V (Complete Series)

        SECTION W:

        • Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, "The Time Element"
        • Wild Palms (TV Mini-Series)
        • Wiz, The (Recorded 5-5-84 With Commercials)
        • Wizard of Oz, The (4 Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)
          • 4-Disc DVD Ultimate Collector's Edition:
            Includes 16 hours of enhanced content (4 of which are brand NEW)
            Disc One:
            * Remastered feature with Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio (NEW)
            * Sing-along Track (NEW)
            * Commentary by John Fricke with Barbara Freed-Saltzman (daughter of Arthur Freed), Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, John Lahr (son of Bert Lahr), Jane Lahr (daughter of Bert Lahr), Hamilton Meserve (son of Margaret Hamilton), Dona Massin (MGM choreographer), William Tuttle (make-up artist), Buddy Ebsen, Mervyn LeRoy, and Jerry Maren
            * The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Storybook
            * Prettier Than Ever: The Restoration of Oz
            * We Haven't Really Met Properly
            * Music and Effects Track
            * Original Mono Track
            Disc Two:
            * The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic [1990 TV special]
            * Memories of Oz [2001 TCM documentary]
            * The Art of Imagination: A Tribute to Oz
            * Because of the Wonderful Things it Does: The Legacy of Oz
            * Harold Arlen's Home Movies
            * Outtakes and Deleted Scenes
            * It's a Twister! It's a Twister! The Tornado Tests
            * Off to See the Wizard
            * 3 Vault Shorts
            * Audio Jukebox Selection
            * Leo Is on the Air Radio Promo
            * Good News of 1939 Radio Show
            * 12/25/1950 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast
            * Still Galleries
            * Six Theatrical Trailers
            Disc 3 & 4 are Exclusive to this edition
            Disc Three:
            * Victor Fleming: Master Craftsman (NEW)
            * L. Frank Baum: The Man Behind the Curtain
            Celebrating Hollywood's Biggest Little Stars (NEW)
            * The Dreamer of Oz [1990 TV special Starring John Ritter] (NEW)
            * The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910)
            * The Wizard of Oz [1933]
            Disc Four:
            * His Majesty, The Scarecrow of Oz
            * The Magic Cloak of Oz [1914] (NEW)
            * The Patchwork Girl of Oz [1914] (NEW)
            * The Wizard of Oz [1925 feature]
            * Collectible and numbered 70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz watch with genuine crystals
            * Replica of the original film budget
            * "Behind the Curtain" (a 52-page, coffee-table book)
            * Reproduction of the original 1939 campaign book
            * Bonus DIGITAL COPY (on the disc)


        SECTION X:

        SECTION Y:

        SECTION Z:

        • Zeta Project, The (Animated Series, Complete, Including "Batman Beyond" Crossover Episodes)




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